Services and Treatment Pricelist

Your initial appointment will consist of a full clinical assessment to ensure that a sports massage is the appropriate treatment. This will involve a quick client form that needs filling out based on your current medical condition and any issues we need to know about prior to treatment, as well as emergency contact details. We will then move on to discussing the reason for requiring treatment in a relaxed and informal way, and begin the assessment of your current state including range of movement and a few processes to help identify the reasons behind your visit. This can take longer than a 1 hour appointment which is reflected in the price plan below, this helps me build up a portfolio of you to help provide more specific treatment in future.

Introduction Visit: £30 or £40 mobile visit. Includes Assessment and 1 hour of treatment.

The first appointment for all new clients will usually include a questionnaire around your current health and wellbeing, and a short objective assessment of your physical structure. Both of which are purely to gain an insight into the client so we can try and identify possible reasons for any injuries you might be coming to have looked at, and also to keep a record of treatment and the improvements hopefully being made! This will take around 15-20 minutes and will be on top of the actual treatment time, so the first visit will be around 1 hour 20 minutes and have an initial cost of £10 on top.

Muscle Loosener: £25 p/h or £35 p/h Mobile visit

This is just a general none deep tissue massage which is ideal for those who are in the middle of a training block and want to be able to train the next day, or for those who are not sure about sports massage and want an introduction to it. Sports massage doesnít have to be painful, so we can leave the deep tissue element out of this treatment. It is advisable to keep areas requiring massage to 1 large area for an hourís treatment. So full leg massage will be an hour, but for example if you require your back looking at as well, this will require more time so please advise prior to treatment beginning.

Sports Massage: Deep Tissue: £25 p/h or £35 p/h mobile visit

More deep tissue massage for those coming off the back of a heavy training week and need their muscles resetting. It is advised that you donít train for a minimum of 24 hours following this treatment, but if you do, keep it very light and based around an Active Recovery session. This treatment is also beneficial to those struggling with persistent aching or tight muscles, as it releases the tension in the muscles and helps them to start working more efficiently as well as helping you get closer to being able to function more optimally.

Sports Injury Massage: £30 p/h or £40 p/h mobile.

Post Injury assessment and rehab plan including initial session to start the recovery process. A plan of 4 sessions should help see the injury through from its initial acute stage, to hopefully full recovery, or at least to a stage were light training can begin. I can offer a block booking of 4 sessions for £100 or £130 if a mobile visit is required. If I feel the injury itself is more serious and isnt responding positively to treatment, then I may advise that someone else assess it to make sure you get the best chance of recovering fully. Iím not here to just take your money, Iím here to help you recover.

Prepare Massage: £15 for 30 minutes, £25 for 60 minutes

Pre-event massage to get the muscles warm, blood flowing to them, and also to relax your mind a little bit. Itís not every athletes cup of tea because they have their own ways and routine before an event, but there are some opinions that suggest that a quick 30-60 minute massage focussing on encouraging circulation of blood and minerals to the muscles can have a positive effect on you. It shouldnít replace your own personal warm up, but compliment it. Recommended a maximum of 24 hours before the event, and as little as the morning of the event to give you chance to complete your own warm up. If you are a new client, then only the client form and questionnaire need to be filled out for this treatment and is included in the price.

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that sometimes sports massage and massage in general are not advisable if you suffer from or have any of the following CONTRAINDICATIONS. If you do, then please let me know prior to booking a appointment as I may need you to consult your GP to get a note advising that sports massage is ok.