I wanted to find a way into the sports therapy industry, but didn’t want to have to spend years in University training to be a full time physiotherapist as this was far too long to wait! So I started looking into sports massage therapy as I realised that I could genuinely help people achieve their goals, improve their training capabilities, but also improve their quality of life by giving them just that little bit of freedom to move around on a daily basis.

Although Sports Massage sounds specific and only for those partaking in sports, I’ve come to discover just how beneficial it can be for people with a range of injuries or ailments and who have very limited to no involvement in sports whatsoever. Some of the clients I’ve worked with who aren’t involved in sports at all, have honestly and genuinely been grateful for me helping them enjoy less painful and on some occasions, pain free days following treatment, which is very humbling and more rewarding than any job I’ve had previously.

So if you’ve got a race coming up and want to feel prepared mentally and physically……I can help!

If you’re trying to increase your training load to take your fitness to the next level………I can help!

If your body is in bits from a tough training session, event, or race………I can help!

If you have an injury or muscle dysfunction that’s holding you back........I can help!

If you just want to be able to get closer to touching your toes………I can help!!