Welcome to GV Sports Massage


I wanted to find a way into the sports therapy industry, but didnít want to have to spend years in University training to be a full time physiotherapist as this was far too long to wait! So I started looking into the sports massage therapy side of things as I realised that I could genuinely help people achieve their goals, improve their training capabilities, but also improve their quality of life by giving them just that little bit of freedom to move around on a daily basis.



Your initial appointment will consist of a full clinical assessment to ensure that a sports massage is the appropriate treatment. This will involve a quick client form that needs filling out based on your current medical condition and any issues we need to know about prior to treatment, as well as emergency contact details. We will then move on to discussing the reason for requiring treatment in a relaxed and informal way, and begin the assessment of your current state including range of movement and a few processes to help identify the reasons behind your visit. This can take longer than a 1 hour appointment which is reflected in the price plan below, this helps me build up a portfolio of you to help provide more specific treatment in future.